Safety Pool™ Scenario Database

The global reference scenario database for ADS testing, validation, and certification. Informed by industry needs, embraced by regulators, and recognized by governments worldwide.

Credit-based access to the largest public store of scenarios for testing automated vehicles is now live!

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For Governments

Inform ADS policies and pave the way towards ADS certification

For industry

Access a set of curated driving scenarios for testing and validation

For Research

Advance scenario based ADS testing and validation methodologies

The Scenario Database

The Safety Pool™ Scenario Database is powered by
WMG, University of Warwick and Deepen AI

Curated Scenarios

The Scenario Database contains a diverse set of curated scenarios generated from multiple sources such as expert knowledge, accident database and naturalistic data

Two level SDL

The Scenario Description Language utilizes a two level of abstraction approch to be adopted and understood by different stakeholders

ODD-based tagging

Scenarios are organized and tagged based on their specific Operational Design Domain following the BSI PAS 1883 ODD Taxonomy and the ASAM Open ODD standard under development

Link Scenarios To Real World Routes

Discover which real world routes could match specific ODD-based scenario instances

Exchange Scenarios

Contribute and access more scenarios based on a tokenized incentive-based scheme. Get Access to curated scenarios that match the value of your contribution

Simulation ready and platform agnostic

Visualize scenarios on CARLA, derive and execute test cases on multiple simulation platforms

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